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Ministry plans 12 webinars on e-commerce

Doha: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is holding a series of webinars from November through February 2022 to highlight the latest technology researches and applications in e-commerce.
Twelve webinars are designed to tackle several key industry topics, including e-commerce guidelines in Qatar, how to build and launch an online store and ways of helping online merchants understand and deploy best practices in line with universal standards.
The first webinar; “Activate Your Store’s e-Commerce Channel: Guidelines Towards Success”, will be held this Monday, November 15, 2021 and registration to attend is available here:
The webinar will feature multiple local expert speakers and entrepreneurs, who will share their expertise, insight and success stories with the attendees and online shoppers.
They will also familiarize online merchants, who own online stores, and those working in the industry, with the official portal of the e-commerce trust mark (Theqa) where online merchants who meet the necessary criteria can obtain an e-commerce trust mark accredited from MCIT. The presence of the trust mark “Theqa” on an online store means the store is accredited by MCIT to sell products and services online. The trust mark also helps instill and reinforce online shoppers’ trust and encourage them to prefer local e-commerce websites.\

Source: The Peninsula